A Fruitful Collaboration Between Chef & Tech

In 2015, CRE8 was contacted by award-winning, and James Beard recurring guest, Chef Todd Hogan. At this point, Chef had a handful of successful Atlanta-based restaurants, and needed help in launching a product line to target Retail and Commercial channels. The product was the culmination of three decades of Chef’s culinary expertise, so certainly had some salient benefits to talk about.

CRE8 worked with Chef Todd to develop a logistical sales pipeline with distribution methods, brand platform for eCommerce retail needs, supporting omni-channel marketing efforts, along with a Commercial platform to sell to a large multinational food distribution company. The scope of service was extensive, albeit successful in the long-run. It included:

  • Logistics
  • Market Visibility Analysis
  • Market Research
  • Brand & Creative Development
  • eCommerce + Web Development
  • Conquest eMail Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Lead Generation Tactics + Reporting

After much discovery and market analysis, Grindstone Specialty Foods was formed. Chef Todd currently owns and operates GSF to this day.


I have CRE8 to thank for the success of Grindstone Specialty Foods. I am a creative thinker, and lack the formal business acumen to get a start-up off the ground. Their business growth experience, technology expertise and overall consultative partnership was not only instrumental, but mandatory in what we needed for GSF. Without CRE8, the company would simply not be where it is today.

Chef Todd Hogan