Truly Engage via Video

There is a misconception in the industry that an impactful, well-produced, video segment or television spot has to be expensive. Undoubtedly, production is time-intensive, however as technology, hardware and software become smaller, cheaper and more accessible, budgets benefit from a concurrent effect. After years of hands-on experience in TV production, managing hundreds of thousands of dollars in costs, crews, sets, and weeks in edit rooms, we have realized a more efficient model. Like all CRE8 services, our Video Production offering is handled in-house. This gives us clear understanding on brand parameters, timeliness, tone of message and the style of shoot, itself. And since online video distribution is the 21st Century TV network, it helps having a highly skilled in-house ally that understands all the nuances of being successful in this vital space.

Marketing such videos is an intricate process. We add targeted segments to match that of the clients’ B2C or B2B customer and from there, implement programmatic media strategies that hit cross-channel video efforts. That applies to Native, Social, Connected TV, Mobile and more. You give us a budget, and we tailor your Video Marketing Plan - simple.

Stop_Experimenting & Contact CRE8 Idea Co. If you're interested in scheduling a project, getting more information on the CRE8 process and/or, of course, requesting for quote/proposal, please give us as much information as possible and we'll get right back with you.