Pull vs. Push.

We are obviously biased, but there’s a big difference between hiring an outside vendor (that knows little to nothing about your business operations, your pain points and your brand) to handle your company’s Pay-Per-Click strategy versus CRE8, that understands and operates as a business unit of your entire operation. Our SEM services are handled in-house, under the CRE8 expertise, which gives us an advantage over standard client-vendor relationships. Implementing best practices alone are not enough. Understanding glaring points of difference with brand objectives, real-time business challenges and high-focus on retail-driven mentality are precisely how we approach Paid Search and influence positive results. We push brand, educate users in to high-funnel prospects and optimize to convert them into action-driven users. Budget efficiency and lead-tracking are also high priority action items for our process, after determining business goals, setting benchmarks and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and corealting with internal sales figures. Don’t think that Paid Search stops with Google & Bing, either. Paid Social is part of our fortay, too.

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