Fine tune, and Convert

Performance Optimization

CRE8 tools and hands-on approach allow us to audit digital program performance in real-time, thus providing the ability to adapt to change, fast-paced retail environments, market fluctuations and technical constraints. There is no such thing as a fire-and-forget mentality in marketing. It demands an intimate attention and skilled guidance. Programs constantly change and evolve to ensure the best use of spend and conversion tactics.

Conversion Optimization

The CRE8 goal is to provide a marketing strategy in which programs yield high-funnel leads (on and offline). Educating prospects on the salient benefits of doing business with you. At this point, Performance Optimization and Brand Strategy are in full working order and next steps are to convert high-funnel users to low-funnel, creating a transaction and/or conversion. Conversion Optimization blends several forms of User Experience (UX) auditing, A/B testing and offline operational consulting to determine what steps need to be taken for effective conversions and working towards spending less to yield more transactions.

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