What makes You...You?

Brand is the center-focus of all CRE8 messaging, creative and marketing. Communicating client uniqueness by way of messaging, graphics and campaigns is the absolute most meaningful and concrete investment for a client. The CRE8 Brand ID process is intricate and involves market research, internal focus groups and Q&A/strategy sessions that yield the most equitable brand metric of all: your most glaring and unique selling proposition to your (correct) audience. This is where all messaging, creative and brand elements stem from. What makes you, you? What makes your message unique? What sets you apart from the competition, and what creates a memorable B2C or B2B brand that is always working for you. Brand is your platform, brand is your most valuable asset.

Competitive Analysis

Depending on the industry, goals of your business, and its brand uniqueness, the typical CRE8 competitive analysis could entail literally hundreds of data touch points. For us, big data and targeted historical metrics are just the starting point of our market analysis, and once we’re able to hone-in on the competitive advantage, strategy changes to tangible tactics. No emotion - just information. Our competitive analysis is often the starting point, even prior to CRE8 Brand Development, as defining a market glaring point of differentiation is key.

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