Benchmark, Tweak, Repeat

Reporting is typically our recurring final step in weekly and monthly performance audits. This is where the CRE8 ‘accountability’ differs from the typical client-vendor relationship. If we are boardroom partners, then technically there is no vendor relationship. Depending on budget, goals and frequency of recommended programs, our reporting is the culmination of not just marketing programs, but how such programs tie in to operational costs and success metrics. Our roots in the retail space have taught us that these measures are instrumental in business growth - and we stand by this process.

Data, program auditing and analytical reporting are the backbone of CRE8’s philosophy, so much in fact, that our auditing and on-going data review process stems into almost all recommendations. We work with a culmination of in-house reporting tools, have vast working, hands-on experience with most programmatic and analytic applications, in addition to custom and off-the-shelf client CRM systems know-how.

Stop_Experimenting & Contact CRE8 Idea Co. If you're interested in scheduling a project, getting more information on the CRE8 process and/or, of course, requesting for quote/proposal, please give us as much information as possible and we'll get right back with you.