Transforming Education to Stay Ahead of the Curve

The American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) is considered the ‘go-to’ for all things “Herbal”, in terms of product, manufacturing, agriculture and trade. The AHPA acts as an educational and compliance resource for its membership of over 350 companies, and came to CRE8 with a relatively large hurdle. At the time, they had thousands of pages of literature that were physically mailed to its user-base, and requested a ‘digital transformation’ in an effort to move all documentation online.

The first objective was the most prevalent across the AHPA user-base, the “Botanical Safety Handbook” , which through an extensive web development undertaking, CRE8 completely transformed into web application.

The user experience was tailored with two objectives in mind: 1) to make an extreme amount of educational content easy to absorb via web, and 2) to create a unique enough user experience to where it was engaging, informative and easy to navigate - just as a book would be. For quick access, web versions for all devices were produced, each with a slightly different interface, tailored to the device needs.