Creating Local Brand via Tier III

There is not just one successful Automotive case study for CRE8, as we just have so many. Automotive was one of the ‘retail-centric’ industries that we cut our teeth on, actually. However, within the past few decades we typically come to the same Problem/Solution challenges with local dealers and dealer groups, across the board:

  • How do we “Break Away” from Corporate (Tier I) Messaging
  • How do we create an impactful message that stands out from the local competition (and Tier I)
  • How do we Sell Cars “Now, and Later”
  • How do we set expectations for ROI, and Accountability for growth

For over one decade, we partnered with an Atlanta-based Mercedes-Benz Tier III dealer group that came to us with these challenges. After learning the internal and external operations of the business, we embraced the business as our own, and created a local brand that, remarkably, people still talk about to this day (especially their competition). Nearly everything from on to offline was collectively handled by our team, inclusive of business transformation objectives that played a large role in macro-level cost efficiencies. Not only that, but we took the business from ‘worst’ to first in the ten year period, in terms of New and Used Car Sales.

The end-goal of client relationship was to fully understand their business, from Sales, to Fixed Operations, F&I even OEM, its challenges, and turning them into solutions. Our goal, and partner “expectations”, if you will, iwas to drive ROI across all of the local MB profit centers efficiently, staying ahead of the automotive landscape, and maintaining a steady growth for the dealership(s) business.

Local Brand and Technology Scope:

  • Marketing integration with CRM, DMS and Internal Proprietary Platforms
  • Unique G.P.O.D. (Glaring Point of Difference) Techniques for Local Brand Awareness
  • ROI based Digital Marketing Program, tracking spend and user buying cycle from high-funnel to VDP (vehicle description page), to call, to sale
  • Paid Search
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Lead Generation outreach program for Sales + Service
  • Video, Television Production/Marketing and Media Placement
  • Website Development, CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) + Reporting
*Our knowledge of Automotive spans deep and wide. We have experience with nearly all automotive brands, but just to name a few: Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Honda, Volkswagen, Audi, Ferrari, Hyundai, Chevy, Buick Pontiac/GMC & Porsche