Highly Flexible Analytics Computing

Key to the CRE8 deployment strategy is to offer flexible analytics computing options. Three different options that offer systems, speed, cost and ROI flexibility to address any combination of scope and scale. All three systems are very easy to deploy (plug and play), highly efficient, powerful, scalable and offers some of the highest ROI in an IT infrastructure.

Distributed/Cloud Analytics

  • Centralized cloud-based analysis and processing
  • Relatively higher network latency
  • Best for analysis and reporting (rather than real-time applications)
  • Instant scalability
  • No additional hardware costs
  • Most cost effective solution

On Premise Analytics

  • Seamlessly runs on an existing server, Virtual Machine (VM) or dedicated machine
  • Additional hardware may be required if existing infrastructure is insufficient for this purpose
  • Very low latency as end devices and server are on the same LAN
  • Ideal for time sensitive analysis and fast decision making / triggering
  • Scalability may require additional hardware costs
  • 100% control over deployment and management environment
  • Data security and privacy stays a 100% within operational environment

Edge Analytics

  • Integrates with existing, edge infrastructure (security camera, drone, etc.)
  • Uses/interfaces with state-of-the-art NVIDIA edge hardware
  • Millisecond response time makes this the fastest possible
  • Recommended for security and critical time-sensitive scenarios
  • Cost efficient as no extra server-hardware is required
  • Scalability defined by edge infrastructure
  • Data security and privacy stays a 100% within operational environment

CRE8 Information Interface (SII)

All options output to an Information Interface that is easy to use with a very low learning curve. It’s that simple.

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