Privacy, Non Negotiable

This is a matter that is very important to each and everyone of us at CRE8, it’s almost personal. We are going through an era of blatant privacy abuses and misuse. We at CRE8 beg to differ with these poorly justified practices and have built our platform on the other end of the spectrum. It is your data, not ours.

CRE8 does not store any user-data, on any of our systems, beyond the necessary time needed to analyze, classify and retain for a duration. This duration is defined by you and CRE8 recommendations. After this time expires, so does the data from our systems. For on premise or edge deployment, the data, analysis and decision making happens in your environment and you retain full control, within your LAN/WAN, at all times.

CRE8 does not share or sell user or any ancillary data.

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